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Article: Reclaiming Sun Ra's Legacy (2017)
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Thomas Jenkins, Jr.
Marshall Allen
Danny Ray Thompson
Robert Campbell
Christopher Trent
Peter Dennett
Jay Millar
Bob Irwin
John Allen
Paul Griffiths
Steve Antonelli
Greg Drusdow
Ira Kaplan
Chris Raschka
Quinton Scott
Sam Byrd
Craig Koon
Brother Cleve
Timothy Stollenwerk
Aye Aton
Chris Reisman
Christopher Eddy
Ben Young
Joe Lizzi
Hartmut Geerken
Garrett Shelton
John Corbett
Sean Westergaard
John Szwed
Tony Kellers
Glenn Jones
Nigel Elderton
Miguel Gallego
Lisa Hirschfield
Gilbert Hsiao
Barrence Whitfield
Kristen Pierce
Howard Rosen
Jerry Gordon
Rodger Coleman
Howard Mandel
Alan Nahigian
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